How do I assign the correct type to a road?

Choosing the Right Road Type

Classification of road types may vary from one country to the other. In countries with a well developed infrastructure you may classify by common knowledge, according to the icons representing a road type:

  • Motorway: a major road that runs between larger cities, states or countries. Usually a multi-lane, grade separated carriageway of international or national importance with alphanumeric denomination.

  • Main: an important road that runs through urban areas or between cities.Usually a single-lane road or dual carriage way with crossings at grade of national or regional importance with alphanumeric denomination.

  • Local access: a public road that runs through a city or neighbourhood, or connects small towns with each other. Usually a single lane road or dual carriageway with crossings at grade without alphanumeric denomination connecting quarters and districts in a city.

  • Residential: a public road that allows vehicular access to apartment buildings, businesses or public facilities alongside it. Vehicular traffic may be possible but sometimes it is legally banned (see options "Vehicular traffic allowed on this road"). This road type may be valid unnamed.

  • Trail: paved or unpaved paths for cycling, running and hiking. No vehicular traffic is possible, except all-terrain vehicles (4-wheel-drive). This road type may be valid unnamed.

In countries with differently developed infrastructure, common sense is helpful assigning the correct road type; for example a road of national importance would then be classified as motorway, regardless it might be unpaved and single-lane with crossings at grade.

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