Welcome to Map Creator


What's Map Creator?

It's the world map editor from HERE.

Share your insider knowledge to help others find the places they're looking for and directions to them.

  • Map your neighbourhood

  • Add more details and new information to HERE Maps

  • Change and correct existing road and place information on HERE Maps

Map Creator is a collaborative, worldwide mapping tool

Map Creator lets you submit map updates for new and existing streets, roads and house numbers in more than 100 countries. Share your knowledge with our steadily growing worldwide community!

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Good reasons to participate

Create rich, detailed quality maps

Add and modify detailed information that reflects your local knowledge and experiences.

Before new map content is published, our expert cartographers do a thorough data validation so that only good and correct info is added to the map.

Share experiences and inspire others

Your contribution will help speed up the continuous work of our dedicated Maps team. This means people can feel like a local wherever they are, because they benefit from your insider knowledge.

Availability of our maps

HERE Maps is used by millions of people every day and feature the most advanced apps and solutions for web, mobile, automotive and enterprise.

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How can you become part of the community and contribute with Map Creator?

Sign in:

All you have to do to get started:

  1. Go to Map Creator at www.mapcreator.here.com/mapcreator

  2. Click 'Sign in' and set up a HERE account

  3. Then just sign in!

Submit your first updates:

  1. Choose a country

  2. Zoom to the area where you want to make changes, for example, your neighborhood

  3. Start making changes. Create completely new areas by adding roads and places of interest, add more details to regions you know well or fix mistakes by updating information

  4. Save or submit your updates

Review edits made by other community members:

You can also review changes made by others in your area to help prevent incorrect info from being added to the map.

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What can you actually do with Map Creator at the moment?

  • Add new roads and trails

  • Edit roads and trails

  • Add new places

  • Edit places

  • Report map problems with satellite images

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In which countries can you submit updates?

You can submit updates in all countries. However there are two types of updates that can be submitted depending on the country and the editing rights you have:

  • live edits or

  • feedback

Live edits you save are immediately visible on Map Creator to you, our growing worldwide community and internal expert cartographers. Everyone can collaborate with you to improve or further modify one of your changes before it goes through the internal validation process and it is published to all our maps.
In countries where you can do live edits, you have access to extended attributes and it is possible to directly fix the location of most roads, places and house numbers.
These types of updates allow you to provide more details that help speed up the validation process so your changes can be available faster into our maps.

Feedback you submit is only visible to internal expert cartographers. In countries where you can submit feedback, you have access to basic attributes. Changing location of roads, places and house numbers is not allowed. An internal expert cartographer will validate your feedback before a map change is visible to our worldwide community in Map Creator and in our map products.

You can request editing rights for the country after you have submitted your first feedback.

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